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Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the security of information produced, processed, and stored in any format within the scope of our organization, and to identify any intentional or unintentional information security threats that may affect our information assets and processes, and to manage the risks posed by these threats in accordance with the requirements of Information Security Management System (ISMS);

  • The confidentiality, integrity, accessibility within authorized limits, and continuity of corporate information within the scope,
  • Provision of services in compliance with legal regulations, statutory provisions, and contracts, without errors, as quickly as possible and uninterrupted,
  • Establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the information security management system,
  • Execution of business processes in accordance with policies and procedures prepared and approved within the scope of the information security management system,
  • Identification, analysis, evaluation, and processing of risks related to information assets and processes,
  • Conducting activities such as training to increase awareness of information security, and developing technical and behavioral competencies,
  • Training necessary for personnel whose qualifications affect information security performance in order to adapt to developments and changes in the field of information technologies, creating a dynamic structure, and increasing communication with authorities

will be provided.

September 1, 2023